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As a non-Qwerty typist, I love Markdown

For nearly four years now, I have been typing with the Dvorak Keyboard Layout. Because of this, sometimes I stray away from using Keyboard Shortcuts, as they sometimes feel awkward in the middle of typing.

This requires a decent amount of editing after the fact, if I decide against bolding my content, using italicize, or not wanting to underline specific content.

Honestly, I'm unsure if I would really use keyboard shortcuts even if I used Qwerty, but either way, my love for Markdown has only increased since I started typing with Dvorak.

Now, I can just focus on typing, and utilizing Markdown to do the necessary formatting to my text. No longer do I need to use the keyboard shortcuts, or highlight and right-click text. I guess that's kind of the reason why Markdown was created?

Now... if only Outlook supported Markdown so I didn't have to deal with shortcuts and formatting while typing work emails...

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