Attempted a new bowling approach at leagues

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I am a self-taught two-handed bowler.

Over the summer, I practiced twice to three times a week in order to get comfortable with my bowling approach and release.

But, I decided to change that up. Over the weekend, I attempted the standard two-handed bowling approach which has a little hop/skip before releasing the ball.

You can see the slight two step before Jason Belmonte releases the ball

You can see the slight two step before Jason Belmonte releases the ball

With that in mind, Friday, I decided to give it a go, and practice the approach in my back yard.

Over the weekend, I became comfortable with the approach, but definitely didn’t feel like I mastered it.

So, come Sunday, it was time to put the weekends practice into action.

How I did

I ended up bowling decent. My average going into the week was 156.

My first game, I bowled a 202.

Second, was a 148.

and third, was a 129.

As you can see, I fell apart as the games went on, but overall, I averaged 159.67 which is technically over my league average. Pretty good I would say so myself! Especially since I was trying a new approach that I learned the Friday before!

Extremely sore…

However, learning a new approach and utilizing it within a weekend has left me rather sore today…

The new approach utilized a few new muscles that I clearly never use, and with the amount of bowling practice I did over the weekend, my knees and hip are not happy.

Today is going to be a rest day! Back to practicing tomorrow or Wednesday depending on how I am feeling.