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Back on Linux...

Back on January 22nd, I posted an post about my move back to Windows. In that post, I detailed that moving back to Windows has allowed me to be more productive, and although that has been correct, there are things about Windows that continues to bother me.

The main one being privacy.

Recently, an article came to light showing just how much data is being sent to Microsoft, and third parties, from the minute you install Windows. As much as I want to be "productive" and not have to worry about troubleshooting computer issues, realizing that Microsoft is becoming even worse with your data, just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

And thus, I decided to switch back to Linux.

However, this time, I think it is going to be a bit different.

My main gripes with Linux

As mentioned previously, the lack of streamlined packages on Linux is one of my major gripes, along with having to troubleshoot issues related to getting software to work correctly on Linux, with games being the main focus of those issues.

However, in the January post, I made the decision to move from being a PC gamer to a console gamer, and although I haven't gotten a console yet (other then my Switch), this is still the plan.

With that being said, I am going into Linux with a new mindset. Not as a power user, but as an every day user that just wants to use Linux to accomplish computer related tasks. With that being said, I decided to not go with Arch Linux for this installation, and instead, went with installing Fedora, with a focus on using the Flathub software repository.

This will limit the need for installing software from multiple different places, and with most of the software I use being packaged as flatpak's, this limits the potential issues with building my own packages via COPR, or using Fedora's packages that could be out of date, or potentially broken.

So far so good

So far everything appears to be going smoothly. I did still install Linux, as one of the Japanese Mahjong games I play is only available via Steam or Mobile devices, so that is pretty much the only game I play on my PC now. With it not being a graphical demanding game, I don't have to worry about many compatibility issues when playing it. It just works.

There are still a few things I need to iron out, but, I am liking the fact that I am back on Linux, even if my productivity has slightly suffered for the huge increase in privacy.

Future outlook on Linux

We shall see how Linux goes. I still have plans on purchasing an Apple Macbook sometime in the future. Whether or not I stick with Linux by that point highly depends on the progression of the Asahi Linux project that is working to port Linux over to Apple Silicon devices. If, by the time Asahi Linux is in, what I deem as, a finished state, I will definitely continue to use Linux. However, if Asahi Linux is not at that point, then I will likely switch to macOS temporarily, while keeping an eye on the project.

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