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DVORAK as a PC gamer kind of sucks

I have been utilizing the Dvorak keyboard layout for as long as I have learned touch typing, which has been around three years.

I was always a hunt-and-peck typist, and I never really learned touch typing until 2019, when I decided to push myself to become a better typist.

During my discovery of touch typing, I also decided to switch away from the QWERTY layout, and utilize Dvorak.

It was the best decision I could have made, in regards to typing/programming, as my hands do not fall apart anymore when typing.

It has become a pain in the butt for PC gaming.

As an MMO gamer, I am utilizing my Keyboard and Mouse for my main peripherals when gaming. For better or for worse, every MMO out there has controls designed around the QWERTY layout.

9 times out of 10, I need to spend a good 15-30 minutes setting my keyboard layout up when I try out a new game. What's worse is that if I reinstall an older game, I find out my previous keyboard controls are saved locally instead of to the game's servers, thus needing to re-set up all my keybinds.

I have gotten a bit better at saving my layouts. I always have a backup of my FFXIV configs, and Guild Wars 2 appears to be server sided, though I will look and see if I can save them locally.

Although, if changing my keybinds in games is the only thing I really need to worry about with using Dvorak, then I would gladly take that over damaging my hands while typing for long periods of time.

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