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I am Thinking of Switching to Apple

For the longest time, I have always been anti-Apple. I thought of their products as overpriced and not worth it.

However, as time goes on, I have been trying to simplify my life. Spend less time on the unnecessary things and more time on the things that I truly enjoy.

My move back to Windows

Recently, I switched back to using Windows, as I realized Linux was becoming a major time sink.

After switching back to Windows, I realized how much time I was spending on trying to get things working on Linux. What makes matters worse, Linux was prone to random breakage. If I made the wrong configuration change, or updated a package for an update to some software, suddenly, I would end up with other broken programs on my computer.

Using Linux, I definitely learn a lot through the troubleshooting process. However, that time adds up and that time could be better spent on progressing my career or on my hobbies that I truly enjoy.

However, I dislike Windows as an operating system, so I am seriously considering switching to macOS in the future, as I see it as the lesser of the two evils.

I have been a fan of Apple's push to bringing ARM to everyday computers. I am also intrigued in the Apple ecosystem "just working."

Changing my focus

When I first got into computers, Linux was fun. It forced me to learn how an Operating System worked, and in the process, I learned a lot of useful skills that have helped me throughout my IT journey.

However, as someone who works heavily with cloud technologies and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, the need of standard OS knowledge is falling. In fact, outside of PowerShell, I rarely touch a terminal these days.

So, I want to change my focus in learning. I want to spend more time learning PowerShell, and I want to continue to learn Python. Ultimately, I would love to even expand my knowledge in programming languages and maybe switch fields one day, or utilize programming to help with my current role as a Microsoft 365 Admin.

But, I can definitely say, using Linux has become a burden for this goal, and I feel that macOS would be that good middle-ground of being a UNIX-based operating system, but having the necessary software support to help me on my programming/IT administrator journey.

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