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I got the Keychron V1 and it is Amazing!

So, back in September, I talked about my keyboard dilemma. At the time, I owned a Logitech MX Keys and a modified GK61 Optical Mechanical Keyboard.

The GK61 was nice, but it was just that... Nice. No matter how much I modified it, it just never ended up feeling anything better than that.

Thus, soon after I wrote that post, I decided to stick with the MX Keys, and I ended up donating my GK61, along with the extra keyboard parts I purchased to upgrade it.

I like the MX Keys

The MX Keys is a great keyboard. It allows me to connect to multiple devices in my house, and provides a decent typing experience.

But, no matter how long I used it, I still missed the feeling of a mechanical keyboard. In the back of my mind, I wanted to switch back to a mech keyboard, and that resulted in me occasionally researching keyboards.

After a handful of research, and watching some recommendation videos from keyboard YouTubers I occasionally watch, I ended up deciding on the Keychron V series.

I did not want to buy into the whole gasket mounting craze that seems to be in every mid-range keyboard (like the Keychron Q series, or the GMMK Pro), and I wasn't too much of a fan of full-aluminum builds either. So, the Keychron V series seemed perfect.

Choosing my Keyboard size

Now that I figured out that I wanted to get a Keychron V series keyboard, I needed to decide on what size I would go with.

In my keyboard journey, I have only ever used full-sized keyboards (Razer Blackwidow, Logitech MX Keys), Ten-Keyless keyboards (Corsair K70), and 60% keyboards (GK61). Out of all those keyboards, the GK61 was the only "custom" keyboard I owned, and was probably my most favorite.

However, using a 60% keyboard, I realized just how much I missed the F1-F12 keys, as well as the Home, Delete, Page Up, and Page Down keys. However, I didn't see the need for a numpad.

Obviously, that would leave me with a Ten-Keyless keyboard, right? Well, not exactly. I wanted choose a keyboard that would have a small footprint, yet provide most of the function I will need in my everyday use cases. So, I ended up going with the Keychron V1 with the Knob. It is a 75% keyboard with a tactile knob wheel that you can assign custom keys/commands too.

Ultimately, it was perfect for me.

Getting the keyboard

I received the keyboard last week, and I can definitely say that I absolutely love it. In case you were wondering, I ended up getting the Keychron V1 with the Brown switches. I have never been a huge fan of Linear switches, and I strongly dislike clicky switches. So, the Brown's are an in-between that give me that tactile feedback I want when typing, without fully blowing my eardrums out.

Lucas Zuege's Blog

Once I got it fully set up and started using it, I can definitely say that I have fallen in love with typing again.

The MX Keys is a great keyboard. But typing on it just felt... boring.

However, typing on the Keychron V1 feels great. It doesn't feel lifeless, and the tactile feedback of the Brown switches is amazing.


The rabbit hole...

Now that I purchased a custom keyboard... I am already seeing myself wanting to dive deep into the rabbit hole of custom keyboards. I have already planned out new switches that I want to buy, I have been researching keycaps, and I want to look into adding some additional mods.

This is what I was ultimately worried about when I wrote my post back in September.

Although, I am doing my best not to fall into that rabbit hole, and even if I do not upgrade my Keychron V1, I can definitely say that it is an a lot better typing experience than that of my MX Keys, and I am happy with the purchase!

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