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I Played Mahjong Again for the First Time in Awhile

Since I started high school, Japanese "Riichi" Mahjong has been a big part of my life. I fell in love with the game, started a little after-school Mahjong club, and played it even after I graduated.

However, COVID-19 put a hard stop to the in-person Mahjong meetups myself and my friends were having. About a year after COVID lock down began, we decided to try playing Mahjong online, but we never really stuck to a consistent schedule due to all of our lives getting busy.

With other games catching my interest, work getting a bit busier, and other personal things affecting my free-time, I have not touched online Mahjong coming up on 9 months now. In fact, it has been 3 years since I have even pulled out my Mahjong set and played with physical tiles.

But, that is all now changing.

Getting back into Mahjong

For the last month or so, I haven't felt up too playing many games. After the hype of Diablo 4 died down, I tried getting into other games. I resubscribed back to Final Fantasy XIV, tried playing some single player games, and even looked into playing other MMORPG's, but nothing really kept my interest. I got bored rather quickly, and I ended up just surfing YouTube for hours each night, not really accomplishing anything.

Recently, I started watching more Anime to try and catch up on things, and that has been catching my interest, but a few weeks ago, I started getting the urge to play Mahjong again. I just never got around to launching a Mahjong game, or pursue in-person Mahjong again.

That changed last night when I got around to re-downloading Riichi City and booting it up. Two matches later, and I am loving Mahjong again. In fact, I am already looking into starting in-person Mahjong back up. I contacted my friends that I played with before COVID and currently looking to plan in-person meetups again.

I am even looking into starting back up the Mahjong Club I used to run years ago.

So, you may start to see more Mahjong content on this blog, as I am reintegrating one of my favorite hobbies back into my life!

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