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I Spent Yesterday Morning in the ER

So, yesterday, I spent most of my morning in the ER.

Yesterday was my Biometrics appointment. Where I work, there is a pseudo requirement to get your Biometrics done every year, otherwise health insurance costs skyrocket (2-3x per paycheck). Anyways, I woke up, went for my morning walk, had some tea and started my work day like any other day.

Come 8:45am, I left to go get my Biometrics done. No issues whatsoever. They took my height, weight, and blood pressure. Then I went to the lab to get my blood drawn. All of that went swell. Drove home, grabbed some water, sat down at my computer and decided to take my bandage off for where my blood was drawn, as it was causing some skin irretation. After pulling the bandage off, I noticed that my skin was raised a good 2 inches around where my blood was drawn, so I was wondering what it was. Looked it up, found out it could potentially be a blown vein, learned a little bit, and then went back to work.

Answered a few questions I was asked on Microsoft Teams (for work), and then all of a sudden, I was waking up on the floor staring at my ceiling. It was hard for me to focus, I had cold sweats, and extreme nausea and dizyness when trying to sit up.

I was able to wake up my SO, and she took me to the ER, where I spent the rest of the morning.

Long story short, they think it was Vasovagal Syncope, and when I took the bandage off my arm, and noticing the raised area around the blood draw area, that was when it triggered my body to start reacting, ultimately causing me to pass out.

After being pumped full with fluids, and given some anti-nausea meds, I was sent back home. Still felt nausea the rest of the day, but today, I am feeling a lot better. Still some nausea and dizyness here and there, but nothing like it was yesterday.

It definitely was an exciting Wednesday!