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I want to try Gnome Web...

I have always wanted to try full-timing Gnome Web as my main internet browser. However, each time I try, it just seems like things do not work.

When I first tried, it was YouTube videos. Now that I use the FreeTube app instead, I decided to download Gnome Web and give it a try again.

However, even though the overall browsing experience is not terrible, I found out that custom URI's are not working for me in Gnome Web.

Unsure if this is a me issue, or an issue with Gnome Web, however, as someone who uses VMware Horizon, I need the vmware-view:// URI to work. Unfortunately, it loads into Gnome Web with an error.

It is not necessarily a deal breaker, however, it will require me to always have Firefox open for when I need to authenticate with VMware Horizon, and that just seems a little annoying...

Gnome Web isn't quite there, but I feel that it is close! If I can get vmware-view:// URI's working on Gnome Web, I would definitely give it a full-time try!

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