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In-Person Mahjong is Fun!

March of 2020 was the last time I had held Mahjong tiles and played a game of Japanese Mahjong (riichi) with my friends. Since then, I have mainly played online Mahjong, but it never had the tactile experience of actually holding tiles, not relying on the help of the game telling you that you can call a tile, or how many of a certain tile is discarded. It's 100% on you to pay attention to what is discarded, and to make sure you don't miss your winning tile!

On Tuesday, the Mahjong mat was set up on a table. The tiles were mixed, and the point sticks in each players respective tray. At 6:30PM, the games would start, and we would play until nearly 10PM.

Tuesday was the first time I have held Mahjong tiles since the pandemic began. And it was fun as hell!

Going forward, I hope to not only hold more in-person Mahjong games (we are all planning to meet up every Tuesday for the time being), but also continue to play more Mahjong in general, both online and in-person.

I now have something to look forward too every Tuesday!

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