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Less typing tests, more typing

Ever since I started learning Dvorak touch typing a few years back, I have been obsessed with learning how to type faster.

This has lead me to the point of spending countless hours on typing tests.

Although, I came to a realization. What if, instead of spending 15-45 minutes a day typing on type tests, I spend that time typing on this blog, or maybe work on other typing projects that I have not spent much time on?

I do type tests to attempt to type faster. But, with hitting a plateau of 115-120 words per minute, and not being able to type much faster unless I dedicate some serious time, maybe I should just stop, and start focusing on writing things that others can read.

So, expect to see more blog posts, as I want to spend more time writing. That is, as long as I can keep the idea engine running inside my brain, and I don't run out of things to write about!

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