Linux is not for everyone

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If you have read some of my other posts, I have mentioned that I have been a Linux user of some sort for over five years, with last year being the year I switched to the Linux Desktop.

As much as I love Linux, I do not believe it is for everyone.

Who is Linux for?

Linux is great for those that love to tinker, that love to modify their computer in more ways than just the hardware.

Linux is for those that care about privacy. For those that want to actually own their computer.

Linux is great for those that want to learn about how an operating system works.

Linux is not for…

Linux is not for those that only see their computer as a tool that needs to do what they want it to do.

Linux is not for those who do not want to spend potentially countless hours troubleshooting issues.

Linux is not for those who use specific proprietary software that is locked to the Windows and/or Apple ecosystems. Programs such as Adobe CC and Microsoft Office do not work on Linux.

Closing Remarks

I am an advocate of Linux. I recommend it to everyone I know. However, I do not try to shove it down peoples throats.

As much as I love Linux, I know it has its flaws, and it is definitely not something that can be a complete drop in replacement for those who have little to no technical knowledge.

If you want to give Linux a try, then that is great! But if you want to continue to use Windows or macOS, please use whatever is most comfortable to you!