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My calves be burnin!

For awhile, I was a jogger. During my lunch or after work, I would take some time and go for a 30-40 minute jog.

Earlier this year, I decided to stop jogging, and instead, just focus on walking.

Why I stopped jogging

Although I am only in my late 20's, my knee's have taken quite a beating from Tae Kwon Do when I was younger. This has lead to some knee pain when I exert them a little too much.

As much as I love going for a jog, it was causing discomfort throughout the day.

So, I decided to switch it up and focus on walking, which I have also enjoyed for this past year.

Starting up jogging again

At the beginning of summer, I ended up purchasing an elliptical. This purchase decision was based on having an option for a semi-low intensity workout when the weather is poor.

It was a wonderful purchase and has allowed me to keep up on my cardio workouts. However, I have noticed something. Since I started using the elliptical, my knees have felt a lot better.

Without rushing the process, I continued to walk outside when the weather was nice, and jump on the elliptical when the weather was poor.

Now that it is winter, I still want to go outside if the weather isn't too cold, but I do not want to be outside for too long. So, to shorten my time outside, but also get a decent workout in, on Tuesday of this week, I went for a jog.

The good news is, my knees do not hurt.

Bad news is, my calves definitely feel the pain!

Will I continue running?

Although my calves are burning, my knees still feel fine. Unsure if it is the change to barefoot shoes that forced me to run on the ball's of my feet instead of my heels, or if my knees are just generally stronger.

But, I still want to continue running.

I think I will ease into running, as, at the moment, walking is a bit difficult right now with how tight my calves feel!