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My hope for Linux on Apple Silicon

As much as I despise the Apple Ecosystem, I am intrigued by the recent releases of Apple Silicon-based computers.

The M1, and the more recent M2, Mac's are based on an ARM64 architecture. Completely different from the x86 architecture that runs a large number of personal computers today.

Not only is the performance top notch, but the efficiency of the M1/M2 SoC's are amazing.

If there was a Linux laptop with an ARM processor of that efficiency, I would likely use it. Unfortunately, there is not.

However, there is a project that is reverse-engineering the new Mac's, and porting Linux over to work on them. They also plan to push everything they find to the upstream Linux kernel, allowing other distro's to benefit from ARM processors as well.

Asahi Linux is doing wonders, and if they keep doing what they are doing, I may just end up buying a Macbook in the future!

It would be even better if I could run Fedora, but beggars can't be choosers... right?

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