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My Keyboard Dilemma

I have a dilemma...

I have two keyboards.

A 60% mechanical keyboard and the Logitech MX Keys.

My dilemma is...

Which should I use?

My love for Mechanical Keyboards

I love mechanical keyboards. The sound of a well lubed key switch sounds amazing.

I am but a newbie to the mechanical keyboard scene. I have a budget 60% keyboard with some lubed Silent Gateron Brown switches.

Nothing at all fancy, but definitely a step up from the standard Razer/Logitech mechanical keyboard.

However, the issue I have with mechanical keyboards is... I want more.

I'm not satisfied with my 60% keyboard. I have my eyes set on the Keychron Q1 V2, as I miss having dedicated arrow keys and a function row.

But, I fear the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole. I already told myself that once I built my 60% keyboard, it will be the keyboard I use indefinitely.

As you can see, that is not the case, and I already want to spend money on another keyboard!

My MX Keys

I bought the MX Keys last year, as I needed to easily switch between two computers. I used the MX Keys for a few months, and although the keyboard is well-built, feels okay, and did its job, the experience was not as enjoyable as using my mechanical keyboard.

When I switched to using one computer at a time, I ended up switching back to my mechanical keyboard.

But, I am starting to have second thoughts about switching back to my mechanical keyboard, and I am currently dealing with my dilemma.

Which to use?

I want to use the mechanical keyboard. Aesthetically, it looks better, however, I also know that continuing to use a mechanical keyboard will likely lead me into the custom mechanical keyboard rabbit hole.

I will want to try out other key switches. Get new key caps, try out different types of plates. Mod the keyboard, etc.

That is a lot of money that will likely be spent if I go down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole.

Or, I can switch back to my MX Keys, which doesn't have as good as a typing experience as my mechanical keyboard, however, the MX Keys is essentially the best productivity-focused keyboard you can purchase.

It offers some nifty features, and it is wireless. It also makes switching between computers rather easy.

But, if a key on my MX Keys were to fail, I would need to buy a whole new keyboard. With a mechanical keyboard, I only have to swap out the switch, unless the PCB itself were to die.

Ahhhhhh... what to choose?