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No Good Alternatives to Firefox

Firefox has been my main go-to browser for as long as I can remember. Outside of the few times I used Brave, and my usage of Microsoft Edge for work, Firefox has always done a good job at allowing me to surf the internet.

However, as much as I like Firefox, the company that creates it, is burning itself into the ground.

Now, I am not going to go into much detail, as their are a multitude of articles out there talking about Firefox's loss of users, Mozilla's poor business choices, and more.

But, what I can say, is that it feels like Mozilla no longer cares about their browser. Instead, they care about how they can use their browser to shill other Mozilla services. That is definitely not something that I like.

However, Firefox aside, there aren't many browsers that I can choose from. For personal use, I would love to stay away from chromium browsers. That instantly cuts out Chrome, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, and more.

However, outside of Firefox and it's engine, the only other engine is WebKit, and unfortunately, WebKit browsers are only available on macOS. Yes, I know there is Gnome Web (Epiphany) for Linux, however, the browser is extremely buggy and not at a place that I would be able to make the switch too.

In addition, I am currently using Windows, as Linux was becoming too much of a time sink for me. Thus, removing the option of Gnome Web anyways.

So, that leaves me with continuing to use Firefox, but I honestly do not know how much longer I will be able to use it.

I am thinking of switching to Apple in the future, so maybe I just make the jump over to WebKit then, and for now, continue to use Firefox?

I wish Mozilla would go back to focusing on Firefox. Try to win the browser wars again. Instead of just trying barely keep up with Chromium and it's offspring's. Instead, Mozilla would rather continue to dig their own grave instead of innovating and making Firefox great again.

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