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Not Impressed with the iPhone 14

This past Wednesday, Apple held their "Far Out" event, announcing the new iPhone 14, new Apple Watches, and the new AirPods Pro.

Honestly, I am not that impressed.

The iPhone 14 looks about the same as the iPhone 13, and outside of the "Dynamic Island" which replaces the iPhone notch and the Emergency Satellite feature, not much is different

Phones appear to be getting to a point where they are more powerful then the average consumer will need, and outside of some gimmicky new features, they are essentially the same each generation.

This applies to the Android market as well.

Unless you are a hardcore mobile gamer, or utilize your phone for productivity work, the incremental updates that each phone generation brings is just not worth it.

Honestly, I am happy with my Galaxy S21 right now, and will likely use this phone until it breaks (or becomes unsupported), same as my Galaxy S9+ that I had prior.

I always keep my eyes on the iPhone, as I would like to try one out at some point. I just haven't been able to justify the move to iOS lately.

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