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Simplifying my blog

You may have noticed that the design of this blog recently became more "minimalistic."

Prior to my current design, this blog was using a modified version of "Maktub."

I like the theme, and since I purchased it, I will likely hold on to it for potential future use. However, Tech&Life is my personal blog. Using a theme like Maktub just felt... a little out of place.

Since I rarely include photos in my posts, I decided to take a look at other potential "minimalistic" themes out there, and came across Alto.

Alto is a fairly minimal theme. When you look at the above demo, the theme has images for each post. However, if you do not assign images to an article, you end up with what Tech&Life looks like.

I decided to switch my blog over to the Alto theme. Better yet, it is an official Ghost theme, and since I utilize Ghost (Pro) for hosting, I was able to downgrade from the "Creator" plan to the "Starter" plan. This blog now only costs $11 a month to run, instead of $31!

I do not believe I need a fully customized theme, at least not yet. Spending $31 a month on a personal blog seemed kind of extreme. Being able to drop it down to $11 a month is a lot more reasonable.

On top of the design change, I am deciding if I want to keep "Tech&Life" as the name of my personal blog, or purchase a domain name that includes, or is similar too, my name.