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Smartwatch or Watch

For a few months now, I have been thinking of getting a watch.

For nearly 3 years, my wrist has been left naked, as I stopped wearing devices after my Fitbit Charge 2 kicked the bucket.

Reason for this, is that I noticed that I heavily relied on my Fitbit to "track" my heart rate, steps, exercises, and sleep. I would also obsess over these stats at least once a day.

So, to forcefully stop myself from doing this, I ended up not purchasing a new fitness tracker. But, I am getting to the point where I think I would like to get another tracker, specifically for my sleep quality.

However, I do not want a chunky/ugly smartwatch on my wrist, so I was looking at something such as the Garmin Vivomove 3 or similar Hybrid watches.

But, this lead me down a rabbit hole of watch research.

Hybrid Watch or regular watch

The Vivomove 3 is a rather nice looking hybrid watch that gives me the classic watch design, while also providing the necessary tracking that I am looking for.

Though, with my experience with fitness trackers/smartwatches, I do not see it lasting more than 3-5 years. With that in mind, if I am going to spend money on something, I would like it to last for decades, if possible.

With smartwatches, and I am assuming hybrid watches as well, this will likely not be the case.

So, I started looking into getting a decent quality non-smartwatch. The Citizen Drive is currently catching my eyes. It has what they call "Eco-Drive" technology, where it utilizes solar charging to never have to replace the battery in the watch.

Now, I understand, at some point the battery will likely need to be replaced, since it is a lithium-ion battery, but it will potentially be years before that needs to happen.

But, that is still $200+ for a watch, and that leaves me without sleep tracking, which is the main thing that I want to track.

Oura rings

This brings me to what I will likely do. I will likely look into saving up for a decent watch. As mentioned above, the Citizen Drive is likely what I will shoot for.

However, to cover tracking, I am thinking of getting the Oura ring.

It's sleep tracking is top notch, it offers fitness/heart rate tracking as well, and it is a ring that I can keep on my finger.

Getting the watch will likely last me years, if not my lifetime, as long as I take care of it.

And the Oura ring should last a lot longer as well, as it has fewer points of failure compared to a watch form-factor fitness tracker/smartwatch.

Swallowing the cost

Unfortunately, at this time, I do not have the funds to purchase either the watch or the Oura ring, and it will likely take some time to save up for.

However, I feel that these investments will definitely be worth it, instead of buying another Fitbit that will likely break in a few years (if I am lucky.)