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Switching Back To Windows Has Allowed Me To Be More Productive

A few weeks back, I decided to switch back to Windows. Not because I wanted to play a game that did not work on Linux, but because I was just generally sick of troubleshooting issues that kept arising as I continued to use Linux.

With the switch, I have become more productive, and I can safely say, unless the Linux Desktop matures a lot, I will likely be sticking with Windows, and potentially make the move to macOS in the future.

Linux is great. Until it isn't...

I love Linux. It has been my go to Operating System for the last few years, and it is still powering all my servers at home. However, for a desktop Operating System, it still has ways to go.

Using Linux on my laptop brings me peace of mind. I am not a huge fan of Microsoft's increased invasion of my privacy. Using an operating system that is open source allows me to feel at ease about the type of data that I am giving to other companies.

However, the increased protection of my privacy comes at a cost, and that cost is increased time of troubleshooting issues.

I would say that I am well versed in computers. I am able to troubleshoot most of my issues and figure them out, even if it takes me a few hours/days to do so.

But, that's the thing. I am capable of troubleshooting and resolving these issues, but at the cost of time. Even if it is a few minutes here and there, it adds up. Before you know it, you have spent hours/days, or even weeks, on something that isn't really bringing much value to your life.

Linux brings peace of mind to the privacy-conscious user. But, it frustrates and brings difficulty to those that want to be productive in certain aspects of using a computer.

With Linux, I needed to plan accordingly when wanting to accomplish certain tasks.

Want to record some gameplay videos and edit them easily? Expect to spend some time figuring out how to properly install DaVinci Resolve on your computer. Oh, you wanted to edit mp4 files? Well, because of licensing issues, the free version of DaVinci Resolve does not support editing mp4 files on Linux.

You want to hop on a game with your friends? Tell them to hold on for a bit, because you need to troubleshoot why the game is randomly crashing or failing to start at all.

At first, I loved using Linux. But over time, these issues started to add up. It was no longer fun to use Linux. Instead, it was becoming annoying.

Back to Windows

With Linux no longer being fun to use as my everyday operating system, I decided to move back to Windows. Although it is not ideal, it is the only operating system I am able to switch too. MacOS is currently not an option, and I wanted to stay away from other Linux-based operating systems.

However, as I love unix-style operating systems, I do plan to switch to apple in the future.

Apple is definitely not on-par with Linux in terms of user privacy, but I consider it the lesser of the two evils in the major operating system space. MacOS also supports a large number of software that runs perfectly well on Windows, thus the amount of troubleshooting I will need to do will hopefully be a lot less.

I also plan on switching from PC gaming to being a console gamer. This should remove my reliance on Windows as a platform for gaming, and instead, silo off gaming from the rest of my devices. If I have a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X, then I know for sure that gaming will be done on those devices. My computer can be used purely for work, learning, and general administration work.

Final Thoughts

Linux will always hold a special place in my heart. I will definitely be keeping an eye on it as both a Server OS and a Desktop OS in the future. However, until the experience is near seamless like that of Windows and macOS, I will likely not switch back to Linux full-time.

For now, I will be using Windows, and when I can make the jump to macOS, I definitely will.

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