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Switching to Light Mode helped my Eyes

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of dark mode. Whenever I set up a new computer, or installed a different operating system, the first thing I would do is switch the appearance settings to dark mode.

For some reason, I have always liked the look of dark mode, and I was also under the understanding that dark mode was good for the eyes.

However, that appears not to be the case.

Dark Mode May Not be as Good...

Although there are some benefits to dark mode, it can also cause some issues for people. Myself being one of them.

For the last few years, I have always had a trouble with focusing my eyesight while I use my computer. It would always seem to happen when I am scripting, typing, or reading articles. Pretty much, any time there is text and a solid color background.

I never would have the issue when gaming or watching shows.

Knowing that I was having issues focusing, I decided to do some research. Well, there are some studies that suggest that light mode is better for certain visual-acuity and proofreading tasks, which sounded like exactly what I was doing (reading/scripting/typing).

With that being said, I decided to give light mode a try again.

I See The Light!

Holy cow is the difference dramatic. With light mode enabled, I had to turn down the brightness on my monitor, as 100% brightness was burning my eyes. However, after adjusting the brightness, and I started using my computer with light mode enabled, my focus issue is just about non-existent. I am able to type out this article without my eyes crossing, or having to forcefully refocus my eyes every 15-30 seconds.

In fact, my eyes feel less strained then that of when I was using dark mode, which is funny, since I started using dark mode because I didn't want to strain my eyes as much.

I am unsure exactly why this happens, it could be a combination of the lower brightness needed on my monitor now, or the fact that the light causes my pupil's to constrict, allowing for easier focus, but I can definitely say that I will be sticking with light mode indefinitely. No plans of switching.

I highly suggest that if you have some focus issues when using your computer/mobile device, and you are using dark mode on those devices, give light mode a try again.

It may not be best for night time doom-scrolling, but during the day, it is a heck of a lot better. At least for me.

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