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The constant fight between Ideals and Convenience

When I first started this blog, I wrote about why I no longer use Windows on my personal devices.

I am a believer in living a "simple life." I want to try and streamline as many of my processes as I can, so that I have more time to read, learn, write, or just relax (play games).

However, Linux does not always help with "streamlining" my processes. Heck, sometimes, Linux creates more work for myself.

A week after I wrote the article about not using Windows on my personal devices, I did the unthinkable... I installed Windows on my personal laptop.

Why did I install Windows?

One of the updates that I installed on Linux caused games to break. In the process of reverting that update, I ended up bricking my Linux install.

At this point, I was multiple hours deep into resolving the issue, and I just wanted to get up and running to play some games with my friends.

However, at the rate I was going, this was not going to happen anytime soon. So, in a fit of annoyance and slight anger, I pulled out my Windows 11 USB and went forward with installing Windows.

It didn't last long...

After installing Windows, and taking around 2 hours to fully install everything (including some games), I was able to hop on Discord and enjoy a short gaming session.

I did not have fun.

Reason being, I was not happy with using Windows.

Yes, Windows gives me the convenience of being able to have everything "just work" on my laptop. However, it is hard for me to stomach the idea of using Windows.

Soon after we were done with our gaming session, I went ahead and installed Nobara. In the end, I switched back to Linux.

Doubt this will be the last time...

Every so often I get fed up with Linux, and end up installing Windows.

Sometimes, I wish I didn't start learning about internet privacy, and how much information is actually tracked. The simple life of just using a Windows laptop and doing everything I needed to do, without much trouble, has long since passed.

Now, I care about my personal data. I care about my privacy. I care about how Big Tech is affecting the world, and, it has changed how I view a lot of things.

The Linux Desktop is far from perfect, and I am almost certain I will end up breaking something again.

Heck, right now, I use Nobara, which is a modified version of Fedora. It has a decent number of configurations for gaming that do end up breaking things every now and then.

With that in mind, I am considering switching back to Fedora, and avoiding any major customizations/modifications that could break my install.

Sticking with Linux

The Linux Desktop has its problems. Though, compared to a few years ago, it has come a long way.

Almost everything I can do on Windows, I can do on Linux. Yeah, I will likely run into issues here and there, but knowing that I own my computer and operating system, and I can freely install/revert/update software at my own discretion is definitely something I prefer.

As the Linux Desktop continues to mature, I am sure I am going to have less and less of the urges to just install Windows, and embrace conveniences over privacy. As, hopefully, those conveniences become part of the Linux Desktop, and there would be no need to think about using Windows.