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The End of the League for Bowling

As today is Superbowl Sunday, it means the end for the football season in the USA. It also means the end for the Bowling League I participate in.

The league I am in is the NFL League. We have teams of three bowlers, and we name our teams based on NFL team names. For the last few years, the team I have been a part of has been the "Lions".

This year wasn't the greatest for our team. Eight teams participated in league, four in the north division and four in the south division. Our team was part of the south division, and we ended the season in third place. So, not last, but not the best we could have done in our division.

Although our team struggled to win games, we all bowled fairly well. Just the other teams bowled better.

However, personally, I had a great season. It was the first league season that I officially bowled two-handed, and spending the summer practicing really paid off.

I started the season with an average of 138, and ended it with a 161. A 23 pin improvement!

For me, who has always had a 125-140 average for the last 5 years, this is a rather large improvement, and it shows that practice definitely pays off in the end.

Even though league has come to an end, it is only the beginning for me. I need to make sure I continue to practice, as I hope to get a 175-180 average by next year's super bowl!

This summer is going to be a lot of practice bowling and tournaments! I might even look into joining another league.

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