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Two weeks with Xero Shoes

Two weeks I started my adventure with barefoot shoes. More specifically, shoes from Xero Shoes.

Boy, has it been interesting.

For those who do not know, barefoot shoes are supposed to mimic walking barefoot on the ground. The shoes have a thin sole (3mm), and are zero drop, which means that the heel and the front of the shoe are the same height off the ground.

Wearing these shoes have been a bit eye opening for me.

Xero Shoes - Prio

I ended up getting the Xero Shoes Prio's, which is Xero's best selling barefoot shoes.

They do not look half bad, and the fit is wonderful.

I ended up taking out the insole, allowing for the shoes to feel as close as possible to walking barefoot on the ground, and because reviews mentioned that the insoles wear out quickly.

With shipping, the shoes cost just above $100, and so far, they seem to be worth the price.

Wearing barefoot shoes for the first time

When they arrived, I wanted to try them on right away.

So, I slipped them on and walked around the house.

Immediately, I could tell that these were going to require an adjustment to get used too.

For the longest time, I have always worn shoes with a decent amount of cushion in them, and I could tell. My feet were spoiled by the comfort.

Wearing the Prio's was a shock. There is minimal, if any, comfort in wearing these shoes.

After having them on for a few minutes, I decided to take them off and put them aside until my work day was completed, and I could go for my daily walk.

My first walk in them

When work was completed, I excitedly got ready for my walk. Grabbed my headphones, my keys, and my phone. Then, I walked to the foyer and put on my new barefoot shoes.

Out I went!

And... ouch!

When I first found out about barefoot shoes, I did not do much research on them. I read that they are supposed to be better for your feet in the long term. That they help with strengthening your feet, your calves, and your ankles, as you no longer have the crutches of modern-day shoes.

But, I did not read about all the people saying barefoot shoes are something that you need to work your way into.

I went for a 45 minute walk on my first day.

I could definitely feel it.

My calves, feet, and ankles hurt.

Not as bad as online posts/comments/videos said they would, but I was definitely feeling it.

After two weeks of wearing them

As of the day I write this post, I have been wearing these shoes for two weeks.

And the verdict is...

I absolutely love them!

I no longer trip over my feet when I am walking.

I feel that my balance is a lot better when wearing them.

In general, it just feels more "fun." I can feel the cracks in the road, the lumps and dips when walking on dirt/grass, it just feels more interactive. I can actually feel the ground.

I have switched to wearing my Prio's full-time now. I can't imagine switching back to "regular" sneakers.

The shoes were definitely worth the cost (so far).

Now, the real question is, how long will they last me?

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