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Why Did I Resubscribe to OSRS?

On December 3rd, I started to get the urge to play Old School Runescape again. However, I do my best to follow a strict budget, so I didn't have the gaming budget to just straight up subscribe.

Well, 4 days later, I still had the urge, and I had some gaming funds, so I went ahead and resubscribed to OSRS.

However, three days later, and I have uninstalled it, eating up the $14 I spent to resubscribe for the month.

You would think that after performing this same exact "ritual" with OSRS multiple times over the last 4 or 5 years, I would have learned by now that I get the same feeling each time...

I watch some videos that make OSRS look fun. I end up resubscribing. I download and play the game, only to realize that it takes a lot of time investment, and it negatively affects my life/relationships because of the time investment, and then I uninstall it.

It's a cycle that happens each time...

It's honestly one thing that confuses me. Most games, I can sit down and play the game for an hour, maybe two, each day. I can then turn it off and continue on with my daily routine. But OSRS, for some reason, if I sit down to play for one hour, that hour turns into 3, then 4, then 5, and so on. And then, when I need to accomplish other things, I either push them off, ignore them, or get frustrated that I have to do them. Which, negatively affects myself and my relationships.

Maybe this will be the time I learn not to resubscribe back to the game in the future? Probably not... but I'll try! Maybe I should just block the websites for on my network, and forward the traffic to a page telling me not to resubscribe, haha!

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