Why I No Longer Use Firefox at Work

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Yep, as the title of this post stated, I am no longer using Firefox at work. Instead, I have started using Microsoft Edge.

Why I Stopped Using Firefox at Work

For day-to-day work, I am primarily a Microsoft 365 Administrator. With that being said, I am working in the Microsoft 365 Admin Portals quite often, with multiple different admin accounts.

Since I am utilizing multiple accounts on a daily basis, I need to be able to easily swap between them at a moments notice. With the company I work for having Single Sign-On for our normal Microsoft accounts, this can become a tedious exercise if I do not have a way to separate cookies when utilizing my browser.

Firefox, although it has a “container” system, was causing issues with the Single Sign-On token that was pushed to the browser. This caused my containers, that I solely used for accessing the Microsoft 365 Admin portals (Exchange/Teams/SharePoint/etc.), to start logging in with my regular account, instead of my admin account.

It was becoming tedious. I constantly had to log out, clear my cookies, and then re-access the admin portal using the correct account.

As someone who is trying to streamline his work process, those couple of minutes started to add up to time being wasted through my day.

In the end, I decided to drop Firefox on my work laptop and move everything over to Microsoft Edge.

Still do not like Chromium

Microsoft Edge is leagues better for working in a Microsoft environment. If I wasn’t a Microsoft 365 Admin, I would still be using Firefox, as I wouldn’t have to worry about using multiple accounts.

However, being able to set up multiple profiles in edge, all utilizing a different Microsoft account just makes my job a lot easier.

Unfortunately, Edge is still Chromium, and I would rather not use it.

The sad truth though, is that Chromium browsers are quickly becoming the browser that “just works.” At least, that seems to be the case on Windows.

I would love to make the move to WebKit whenever I get around to switching to Apple, but at this time, my only options are Chromium-based browsers, or Firefox, and unfortunately, Firefox is too much trouble for my work.

Will I stop using Firefox on my personal laptop?

Not at this time. I am thinking about it, but my personal laptop in mainly just for watching anime, writing on this blog, taking notes, periodic gaming, and scripting/programming. Firefox is still able to handle all of that currently, so I don’t plan on switching.

But… the gap between Firefox and Chromium continues to grow, and one day, Firefox may not be viable to use anymore.