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Why you need to learn PowerShell as an IT Admin

Unfortunately, the GUI is not going to be able to help you with everything when it comes to Windows troubleshooting, managing Windows Servers, and managing Exchange/SharePoint/Teams/etc.

Even though Microsoft does offer GUI consoles for a lot of its functionalities, a great number of features and settings are locked behind PowerShell Commands.

If you are an IT Admin, or work in Helpdesk or Desktop Support, and you support Windows or Microsoft related software/hardware. You best learn PowerShell, as it will help make things easier.

What is PowerShell?

According to Microsoft, "PowerShell is a cross-platform task automation solution made up of a command-line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration management framework."

PowerShell is a wonderful command-line tool that allows you to run specific commands to get information, modify settings, delete things, and much more.

Why you should learn PowerShell

Not only is it an extremely powerful tool that will allow you to do a lot of things with little effort, but it is also required for a large number of settings.

As a Microsoft 365 Administrator, I deal with a lot of settings in Exchange/SharePoint/Teams that are only available through PowerShell.

PowerShell also makes it easier to handle processes such as creating Microsoft 365 Groups and Distribution Lists, and adding a large number of users to them. It is a lot easier to add 2000+ users to a list via PowerShell and a CSV file, than it is to manually add them through the Exchange Online Admin Center or Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it is definitely something worth learning.

You can even script and automate things!

Closing thoughts

I am by no means a PowerShell wizard, but I can say that after learning PowerShell, it has made my job easier.

If you want to get into IT, and have any thoughts of supporting Microsoft-based software, definitely look into learning PowerShell.

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